Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Best friend

Ever since I had left my hometown/country it has been really hard for me not to miss my family and friends. It was especially hard having to say goodbye to my best friend Chrissi. Chrissi and I know each other and understand each other on a way some people might not even understand. We could look at each other and know excactly what the other one of us is trying to express. 
I was always a bit more out there than Chrissi, she would sometimes be redicliously shy to the point where I had to make phone calls for her. I tried helping her love herself more and I think it did help. 
The day of my flight was very emotional, all of my friends came over and just started crying but for some reason I didn't. I just stood there and I guess you could say I felt bad because I didn't cry, but the second I was in the car waving goodbye to my friends I couldn't stop. 
Chrissi and I talk almost everyday and stay in touch all the time. She keeps telling me stories about how she handles stuff and difficult situations and from what I have heard she has been changing in such a great and wonderful way. She started talking to new people and being open about more things. And I can also see that she really loves herself now.