Thursday, June 12, 2014

Reflection post

So this is the end for this year.. After all the fun projects we did in art class for example our self portraits  which I really enjoyed doing and I loved the way it turned out, it is a bit sad that it is already over so soon. It was different then What I was used to doing this year then all of the years before but I really liked it. Another project I liked doing was the art by three which was fun and also maybe a bit frustrating haha
At the end i guess I just liked being able to express myself with all of the work I have done this year.

Time capsule

After 20 years of waiting and then kind of slowly forgetting about it I found my time capsule in my parents house after going through all of my old stuff. I remember asking my friends to write me letters so I could read them as my future self, but I will get to them later. The next thing I see after opening the box is my lacrosse team picture. I start having flashbacks on the great things we used to do together, like our amazing pasta parties or the fact that every practice was just so much fun and every single person was just such a huge part of the team all together. Also what I found was my a gift that my mom gave to me for Christmas it was a little hanging piece of art made of glass and it had love spelled out. 
The outside of my time capsule is basically pictures of my adventures I made during junior year which made me the person I am now I guess you could say. So back to the letters they are from a couple of my close friends I made and I am hoping that they will make me laugh..